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If 30% of your revenue is not coming from email, you’re leaving money on the table. Our copywriting and design experts create hyper-targeted, highly relevant automated emails & campaigns that drive sales. Increase your LTV and return customer rate by letting us take care of this vital marketing pillar for your brand.

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As acquisition costs rise and margins suffer, successful e-commerce brands understand that the best way to combat these challenges is by implementing a robust retention strategy. Unfortunately, most brands miss the mark on email marketing and SMS. Why? Because they fail to implement a retention program that:

  • Captures qualified contacts
  • Nurtures them to first purchase, and
  • Accelerates lifetime value (LTV) in 60-90 day payback windows

Our full service Email + SMS services will complete the loop in your funnel, ensuring that every dollar spent on driving traffic to your site has an opportunity to convert, today and into the future.

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Here’s how we’ll do it

Email Strategy & Optimisation

Our team can help you design a high converting strategy that’s tailored to your brand and audience. Post frequency, flows and messaging are all planned as the first step in the strategy.

Automated, event-driven email flows

Sending the perfect message at the right time is how brands can win with email & SMS marketing. We setup automated flows that are triggered off specific events such as an abandoned cart or an email signup.

Promotional campaigns & newsletters

Staying top of mind is crucial, especially during peak advertising periods like BFCM and EOFY sales when advertising prices go through the roof.

A/B Testing

We never assume that something is going to work, we test it! Our strategy includes A/B testing key sections of your emails such as headlines, preview text, banners and offers.

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See How Email Marketing
Transformed Our Clients Business

Introducing Etikette Candles, the premier Australian fragrance company offering an exquisite range of wax candles and scented diffusers through their online store. At Imprint Digital, we partnered with Etikette Candles to harness the power of email marketing and propel their business to new heights.

With our expertise in the digital marketing landscape, we strategically set up a targeted email marketing campaign on Klaviyo. From personalised welcome messages to captivating product showcases, our carefully crafted email automations engaged customers and fostered a deeper connection with the brand.

As a result, we witnessed a significant surge in website traffic and, more importantly, an impressive growth in customer loyalty and sales. The seamless implementation of Klaviyo’s powerful automation tools transformed their email marketing efforts into a profit-driving machine on autopilot.

6 Reasons Why You Should
Partner With Imprint

When you partner with Imprint, you’ll be receiving years of marketing knowledge. We will get to know your business inside out to make sure that you place the right offer to the right people at the right price.

No Lock-In Contracts

You’ll stay with us because we’re getting you results, not because you’re locked into a contract. You’re free to cancel at any time.

Open, Proactive Communication

We’ll always remain in direct communication over the progress of your account. We’re always proactive with our communication so you’ll never have to worry about anything because we’d already be on it.

Complete Account Transparancy

You’ll always have full access to all your accounts and full visibility of what you’re paying for.

Data Driven Decisions

Data-driven decisions guide all our email optimisation choices. Additionally, we continuously conduct split and multivariate tests to ensure optimal outcomes for your account.

A True Marketing Partner

We work with you, not for you. Our world revolves around you. We’ll always do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy and even teach you a few things along the way.

We Stay On Top of Marketing Trends

Email and consumer trends are changing. We’re always learning every day to stay on top of these changes to make sure that your account does not fall behind.


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Frequently Asked

Have any more questions? Contact Us

Direct email marketing is the practice of generating leads by pitching to prospects in their inboxes. Based on your targeting criteria, we curate a list of prospective clients who would be interested in your services, and send them a carefully-designed series of emails designed to engage and convert. This form of marketing is cost effective, powerful and can easily generate hundreds of high quality leads depending on your approach and budget.

Email nurturing is the practice of reaching out to your existing client base, prospects or lapsed customers and enticing them back into a purchasing journey with you. They may have added something to cart and abandoned it or suddenly stopped purchasing from you – either way, your objective is to convince them to come back, convert for the first time or reconvert.


Typically, an email nurturing strategist will segment the nurturing journeys based on which customer bracket your prospects fall into, and tailor the content to suit their previous interactions with your brand. For example, if they have yet to make an initial purchase, you can nurture them by reaching out with a first purchase discount, or if they have already converted in the past, you can offer them a customer anniversary incentive to come back and repurchase on the anniversary of their first conversion with you.


Whatever the chosen approach for your email nurturing campaign, the content strategy should be based on best practice principles around email content length, structure and layout, in order to ensure optimum results. All emails in the chain should naturally follow on from one another and be designed to delight and inspire the reader, to encourage clicks and conversions.

Email open rate is the percentage of people who opened your email. If someone doesn’t open your email, there are zero chances of engaging with your content and brand.


On an average, 10-15 percent of email open rates work well for the sender. But, it all depends on your industry and your target audience.


It’s true that open rate alone isn’t indicative of the success of your email marketing campaign. Its what people do after opening your email is what really matters.

Direct email marketing is a specialist skill with lots of technical considerations necessary in order to ensure compliance, deliverability and campaign performance. Email marketing specialists will have a range of skills, including:


Technical – identifying the right prospects and creating lists, setting up and optimising campaigns, managing budgets and generating reports


Creative – understanding the kind of content that your target audience wants and expects to see, and crafting engaging creative that stands out in the prospect’s inbox


Strategic – identifying areas of improvement for campaign creative and targeting, recommending new approaches, continually improving performance

Imprint typically needs less than two weeks in order to create, build and activate your email campaign. Depending on complexity and availability, this process can be quicker.

We currently work with Klaviyo, Active Campaign, Hubspot, Marketo and MailChimp.