Facebook Ads For Small Business Owners

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Facebook Ads For Small Business Owners

Our Facebook Ads Management Services

At Imprint Digital, we manage every aspect of your Facebook Ads — from strategy, to ad copy, to ad images, to implementation and optimising to achieve the best possible performance and results.

You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new customers, knowing that a team of dedicated experts are optimising your ad budget and driving more leads to your business.

What You'll Get


Success with Facebook Ads requires creating a strong foundation. We'll do a deep dive into your ideal client, your competitors, your offer, your ad budget and your goals.

Based on these key items, we'll then create the PERFECT Facebook ad campaign for your business and your budget.

Ad Images & Videos

When scrolling through their Facebook Feed, people will look at images first, then if the image catches their attention, they'll read the ad.

We'll create SCROLL-STOPPING IMAGES (or videos) that demand attention and get people to stop read your ads.

Ad Copy

We use professional advertising copywriters to create high-impact ad copy that captures people's attention, resonate with them, and prompt them to take action.

We'll nail your voice so the copy is authentically YOU. Facebook Ads will only be effective with the perfect image AND powerful copywriting.


There are many complex Facebook campaign settings that must be set up properly to ensure your campaign runs effectively. We is set up in the best possible way.

We'll completely set up your Facebook Ad Account including the campaign creation, audiences and pixel events. We take care of the ENTIRE Facebook Ad process so you can sit back & relax.

Ad Optimisation

When launching an ad campaign, it must be monitored very closely to ensure it's performing well and using your ad budget wisely, otherwise things can blow out very quickly. We pay close daily attention to monitor how your ads are performing.

We also A/B split test every component of your ads to achieve the best possible performance and give your campaign the highest possible chance of success.

Analytics & Reporting

Measuring your Facebook Marketing results is absolutely critical to your ad campaign success.

Our in-house tech team will set up robust analytics tracking so we can see exactly what's happening in your ad campaign EVERY step of the way so we can make adjustments and improve your results where needed.

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Let's Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads

At Imprint Digital, your results are our results. We care about your business and we’ve demonstrated our commitment to service time and time again for our partners.

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Your Fastest Route To Massive Growth in 3 Easy Steps

Media buyers, creative strategists, customer success team, copywriters, tech support and funnel optimisers

are standing by to grow your business. You run your business, and we’ll run your marketing.



We analyse your market and marketing. You get a bulletproof plan for high-ROI Facebook Ads.


Our team creates high-impact Facebook Ads that get clicks from Day 1.


Success is a moving target . . . so we constantly test your ads to stay on top of trends and improve your results.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been working with Imprint for a few months now. Their latest marketing idea for me got me 68 leads in 3 weeks. They are awesome with their marketing and are absolute Facebooks ads guru’s!

Daniel H

The Career Academy, Melbourne

Boris is one of a kind he always goes above and beyond. He has helped me immensely with my website and marketing and that is because he totally understands our market and what our clients want and need to see online. Nothing is too much trouble and I’m so grateful to have Boris in my business success – I will look forward to working with him more as my business scales – thanks

Kenn C

NZQBA, Auckland

I own Snap Hobart and Earth Mother Holistic Health in Tasmania. Within a few weeks, we planned and implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for both businesses. Imprint are easy to deal with, especially for people like me who have little knowledge of the massive opportunities hidden within the world of digital marketing. The price is great value for money.✨

Simone R.

Snap Hobart, Earth Mother Holistic Health, Tasmania

The team at Imprint have really shown me my personal strengths and how to really trust my intuition! My 2nd business has grown so much in the past 2 months and that wouldn’t of been possible without their guidance and direction with how to market my business correctly.
Danielle C.

Allure Botanicals, Perth

Let’s Get Started

Let's Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads

At Imprint Digital, your results are our results. We care about your business and we’ve demonstrated our commitment to service time and time again for our partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any more questions? Contact Us

We kick things off with a call to answer all your questions. If you’re a good fit for working with Boss Marketing, we proceed with the next step: building a customised Strategic Growth Plan based on your market, your business, and your budget. (Your custom plan will reveal the hottest opportunities and exactly where to invest your money.) When you bring us on retainer, we’ll have an introductory call where you’ll meet the people who will bring your vision to life. We’ll discuss your brand and your expectations for your advertising. Afterwards, we’ll go to work on your account and you’ll soon have ads to review before they go live. Note: Implementing your Strategic Growth Plan requires a commitment of three months.
As much or as little as you like! The great thing about Facebook Advertising is that you don’t need a huge budget. Facebook ads are 100% scalable — you can spend $5 per day or thousands. How much they cost is a question of your budget and how many new customers you can currently handle. Whatever you spend, Boss Marketing optimises your dollar for higher returns. We have plans available for most budgets.
We work with clients across all industries, including retail, hospitality, consulting, health care, architecture, veterinary clinics, law firms, coaches and more. The industry may change, but the principles of great Facebook Advertising stay the same.
Facebook continues to be where the eyeballs are — and one of the most cost-effective forms of promotion for your business. Companies invest billions in Facebook ads because the platform allows you to target your specific audience for higher returns. You can connect with the exact customers you want, when you want them, making Facebook advertising a powerful, cost-effective tool for your business.
We monitor your ads daily in the earliest stages of the campaign. Then, once they’re up and running solidly, we’ll continue to check them and optimise them where needed to prevent “ad fatigue” and to give your campaign the highest possible chance of success. We may make changes to the components of your ads — like the images — or choose to show your ads to different audiences.
Yes. We specialise in Facebook Ads Management but also have core competencies in Google Ads, SEO, and Web Design and Development. Having a strong website is a critical part of your Facebook Advertising strategy. Because when traffic arrives at your site, you need people to take action. So . . . If you’re looking for a cross-channel marketing plan, look no further. We’ve got you.